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CALLING OUT ALL LGBT SUPPORTERS - Workplace Discrimination


This Is My Story

About Me

     I have just turned 18 and have a 3.5 unweighted GPA. So obviously I am very determined to get to college. I’m in line for a 2 year scholarship so that will help quite a bit. I will be applying for more so it can help my situation to a greater extent. My problem is I’ve been out looking for a job but I live in Arizona. If you know anything about Arizona it’s their low tolerance for the LGBT community, a highly religious state. Even though there’s laws to protect us, I’ve been turned down job after job because of my sexuality. I have financial issues due to this and I need a way to support myself. What I want is to move out to a more accepting state since my luck here is failing. That way I can successfully get through college while maintaining a stable job who wants me for me. 

     I’ve struggled a lot with Depression issues and have even been hospitalized. But through all of that I need to get better and I am working very hard towards that because I am worthy of a happy life. Again refer to my story ^ for more information. 

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I’d say I’m a pretty smart kid and it’s unfair for businesses to treat people like me this way. It shouldn’t matter I’m gay, our hard work should be the only thing that does matter. I need to be in a better state that will let me get a job that I deserve just like anybody else.

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